‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 6: Jang Dong Min & Sojin guest on an ep with a twist

Finally, I’ve gotten around to watching the sixth episode of ‘Crime Scene 3‘ and I’m just salty I couldn’t get to it sooner. They travel back in time to 1981 with guests Jang Dong Min and Sojin of Girl’s Day to tackle the cafe murder.

As always, there are multiple options to watch the show with English subtitles, so go there (1/2/3).


Okay … but the outfits, tho.

Sojin, meanwhile, made herself a meme.

Jang Dong Min was a welcome addition back, if nothing else due to the levity he brought to things, including breaking the fourth wall a bunch.

It needs that, because while the case itself is supposed to be taken serious, the show … well, really isn’t.

Honestly, the problem with bringing the cast of Season 2 back as guests is that intermittently one just ends up thinking, “Well, they could’ve just all done this again, right?”

As far as the case goes, it was relatively straight forward for me. Kim Ji Hoon could be eliminated because he was a spy and had no motive since he wanted to run away with the victim. Jang Dong Min was dealing in the black market, but lacked motive because he just wanted his stamp back and got it. Meanwhile, neither Sojin nor Jang Jin had any truly meaningful evidence presented against them.

Everything went the way of Eunji, and Park Jiyoon blew the doors off this early, presenting the theory that she killed the victim because she was blackmailing her over knowledge that she was a working girl. While that turned out to be true, the twist was that Eunji was actually a nanny that killed her abusive family employers and then killed the victim after she figured everything out.




Gonna watch episode seven now, so the turnaround should be quicker. Thank god for the weekend.


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