KARD introduce group through ‘Secret KARD’ reality show, sell themselves well

The first two episodes of KARD‘s reality show ‘Secret KARD‘ were released recently, and thank god for that LG money, huh? Anyway, the whole thing is basically following them on their recent tour in America.

Jiwoo is quickly becoming a favorite with her quips.

They had Chicago’s famous lasagna while on that stop.

Also, random Tiger JK sighting?

The thing that stood out most, and the point of reality shows for idols, is to sell you on their personas and togetherness, which I think it something they’ve done well. Most surprising is the lack of apprehensiveness about closeness between male and female idols, which I guess makes sense since it seems like they’re targeting more adults than tweens. Either way, they operate well as a unit, and thankfully it’s not in the we all love each other all the time type of way.


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