[Update] Jang Moonbok shows his true talent on ‘SNL Korea’ + “I Know You Know” dance

As impressive as his rapping, dancing, and visuals are, Jang Moonbok will finally get to let his true talents shine, as he’ll guest on ‘Saturday Night Live Korea.

On June 24, a source from “SNL Korea 9” announced, “Jang Moon Bok will be making a cameo appearance on the show today. Viewers can look forward to his unique and energetic charm.” Jang Moon Bok will be featured in the corner titled, “Lets go video stalking,” which parodies a famous movie. The producers of the show also commented on the entertainer, and showered him with praise. They said, “Jang Moon Bok has talent and skill, but he is also very kind and thoughtful. While preparing for the corner, he created a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere for the entire cast, even throughout a long and tiring shoot. I can understand why is he called the icon for positivity. Please look forward to his performance.”

God Of Music‘ has prepared him for this moment.



A genius.


Additionally, he continued to show how much progress he’s made by dancing to Boys Under The Moonlight‘s “I Know You Know” from ‘Produce 101‘ for TongTongTV.

Imagine thinking he’s not a top visual.


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