T-ara parody rice cakes, broken umbrellas, antis, solos, and determination on ‘SNL Korea’

T-ara were guests on ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘, which gave them a ton of material to work with thanks to their past dramatics. And while my expectations were that they would make jokes about the scandals and what not, T-ara went above and beyond.

Most prominent and self-referential was a skit where 2017 T-ara go back in time to meet 2010 T-ara, which goes about as expected.

Yes, those are the references you think they are.

2017 T-ara tell 2010 T-ara not to fret, “Don’t worry too much. In 2017, you’ll win first place for the first time in five years.” 2010 T-ara then question, “Why after five years? Why couldn’t we win for five years?” To which 2017 T-ara reply, “Don’t dig for specifics.

They also talk about Soyeon and Boram, as 2010 T-ara ask where they are. Qri wonders aloud how they can avoid addressing it, while Eunjung asks 2010 T-ara back, “What about you? Where are they?” 2010 T-ara explain they haven’t gotten back from the hair salon yet, and Eunjung says that’s where their Soyeon and Boram are as well.

Later, a member of 2010 T-ara was having trouble picking up choreography, and 2010 T-ara kept saying, “It’s a difference of determination!” 2017 T-ara, obviously, stepped in to advise, “One shouldn’t say the word ‘determination’ so easily.

Of course, what would be this mess without 2010 Eunjung about to feed members rice cakes, and upon seeing that 2017 Eunjung screams out, “Don’t! Don’t feed each other rice cakes! They should be eaten with your own hands.

For the coup de grace, 2010 Hyomin asks to talk with 2017 Hyomin alone and asks about a potential solo debut. 2017 Hyomin tells her younger self not to bother because nobody will know about it anyway.


Perhaps most notably, though, was they even took an image made by an antis that gained popularity and parodied that as well.

I expected some of this, but to reference a popular picture made of them by an anti was something cool…

…and to re-enact it, the broken umbrella and making themselves ugly and all? Impressive.

Holiday‘, I will never forget you.


Last but not least, here’s a medley of some of T-ara’s biggest hits. Their fandom showed out.



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