Jang Moonbok picked up BTS’s V in bathroom, lives with Outsider, apologizes to Chaeyeon

My precious snowflake Jang Moonbok has revealed his powers of personality appeal to anyone anywhere as he befriended BTS‘s V after meeting him in a bathroom.

Jang Moon Bok shared the details of their friendship and explained, “We became close in a bizarre way. We first met in the bathroom. We were in different classes but we met in the bathroom because it was located in the middle. V suddenly said to me, ‘I enjoyed watching ‘Superstar K’. I was surprised because he approached me first out of nowhere but then we became close.” Jang Moon Bok continued, “It was hard to see him after he made it at an audition and became a trainee. And then last year, we met and had a meal together. We jokingly took a lovely selca together but I didn’t know that will become such a hot issue. He also cheered me on ‘Produce 101’ season 2. I get proud and also motivated when I see V receive love from all over the world. I also want to become a singer soon.”

Sounds like a parody of George Michael‘s arrest, but no, JMB is just that amazing.

Speaking of, he apparently lives with Outsider (ONO Entertainment) and will thus be appearing with Outsider and his daughter on ‘The Return Of Superman.

Jang Moon Bok, a trainee under Outsider’s label O&O Entertainment, will also be on the broadcast, as Jang Moon Bok lives with Outsider’s family. The trainee has been with Outsider’s family since moving to Seoul to becoming a singer.

Who wouldn’t want him around, after all?

Of course, despite being the most beautiful human on the planet, he’s also apologetic to DIA‘s Chaeyeon for the comparisons.

King of humility.


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