‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 8: Hong Jinho returns, time travel, Kim Jihoon gets wig snatched

Okay, it’s been two weeks and I’m still behind like a week on some music releases, but I wanted to get some ‘Crime Scene 3‘ in, dammit. This is actually a continuation from last episode, and they go back in time to 2002 to find the serial killer from the school all the members of the camp murder attended.

Oh yeah, Hong Jin Ho is back.

My tits are lit.

As always, watch here or a bunch of other places. Find it yourselves, assholes.


Let’s ignore for the moment that if they solved the serial killer mystery in 2002 with anybody but who turned out to be the actual perpetrator then most of the episode seven references make no damn sense.

Still, the return of Hong Jin Ho was immediately an improvement, as even the simple pronunciation jokes were much better than the usual fare.

The callbacks … so many callbacks.

Kim Ji Hoon got jokes, folks.

And he also got his wig literally snatched.

As far as the case goes, there were three deaths that were all connected, and while it was described as a serial murder, it eventually clearly developed into a revenge plot executed by one of two people.

Jang Jin – He watched all his students through a hidden camera, was in gambling debt, and tutored all the victims illegally. However, there wasn’t much of a motive established to go through will murdering three girls.

Eunji – If she wanted to graduate early, she had to improve three ranks, and the three deaths got her that. She also lied about the identity of her father, who was actually a criminal, and the three victims blackmailed her for that. However, while there was some motive, it didn’t seem nearly enough to kill three people over.

Kim Ji Hoon – Dated all three victims, who all overtook him for #1 in the class. The trio of victims also blackmailed him over his wig. However, not much evidence as to why he would murder three people over it.


So that left us with Park Jiyoon and Yang Se Hyung, because both of them had serious motive to kill.

Yang Se Hyung – Victims killed his pet cat, who was the only thing he could trust. He met his cat on 9/27, which was the numbers mentioned in the clues, and two of the victims were bystanders, another thing mentioned. He swore to never forgive the victims, and had access to both tranquilizers and methanol (murder weapon).

Park Jiyoon – The victims made her an outcast, they bullied her physically and mentally, and all three dated her crush. Most importantly, all three were inside her dad’s taxi on the morning he died, and took a picture of that facft at 9:27 AM, the inference being that they watched him die without doing anything.

I settled on Park Jiyoon because of the aforementioned reason that episode seven was rendered moot if it wasn’t her, that it was much more likely that the bystander thing referred to all of them watching somebody die rather than two watching another kill, and Yang Se Hyung was in therapy for his issues with them whereas Park Jiyoon was still raw about it.

Seems like everybody agreed … correctly.

I kinda think with more and more veterans on the cast now and with the newbies being acclimated, the difficulty level needs to go up, because unlike earlier episodes, they’re now finding everything they should and are piecing it together.


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