Sly fox trio of IU, Taeyeon, Sulli unite on Instagram, and now we need a collab

Hello, as you know by now, Asian Junkie brings you only the most important news, and so I’m obligated to tell you that the #SlyFox trio of IU, Taeyeon, and Sulli have all congregated now at the new private Instagram of Sulli, which is hard to remain a secret when IU and Taeyeon follow you.

Apparently Yura, Hyeri, and Taehyun follow her as well, as do actor Ji Soo and Hara (of course).

Somebody else apparently got a list of others who Sulli follows on her private account, which includes Heechul, Crush, Zion.T, Dasom, Yura, and Hyeri.





I am addicted to netizen mess and that would destroy worlds.


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