‘Secret KARD’ ends, ‘Let’s Dance’ starts, KARD named ambassadors for Seoul

Secret KARD‘ has come to an end with this latest episode, unfortunately, so now I lack an excuse to spam you with a daily reminder to buy KARD‘s releases. Dammit.

BM and J.Seph are so embarrassing. Why do I like them? It’s not normal. Also, Jiwoo saying Shake Shack is better than In-N-Out is gonna cause them to lose all their fans in California, probably. Somin continues to be actually-hot Hara.

While that has come to an end, they did a ‘Let’s Dance‘, which was about as much a mess as you’d expect from them.

Most importantly, KARD were named global ambassadors of Seoul for a year, apparently for helping to spread K-pop internationally. That’s quick, but I guess it’s technically true all things considered.



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