LABOUM successfully builds a summer hit around the standout chorus of “Only U”

LABOUM upped the anticipation for their summer release Only U” with teaser pictures, and both the song and music video lived up to the bright and lively promises.

Man, this is a summer song through and through. The instrumental is upbeat, the music video is cute (as are they), and the delivery is peppy and bubbly. All of those qualities are generally executed well, from the instrumental to the verses to the delivery. Granted, a lot of what goes on in that respect is rather replaceable and wouldn’t necessarily standout among the sea of summer releases. Thankfully then, “Only U” making the chorus the centerpiece was a move that worked out for LABOUM.

Yes indeed, the chorus is what transformed this from an solid-average summer comeback to something that stood out a bit from the crowd. The hook is addicting from the first time you hear it, and it’s infectious, growing on you more and more with repeated listens. The most important thing is that it elevates everything that surrounds it because you’re able to tolerate any flaws as you wait for the chorus to hit. Specifically, the repeating of ‘really’ worked extremely well to setup what came after, which included the pace kicking up a notch to drive towards the title of the song. Surprisingly it wasn’t the cooed ‘only you’ lines that were the centerpiece in the hook but everything that surrounded it, with the ‘only you’ lines serving as a change of pace instead, and that ends up working out well.

Controversy aside, LABOUM’s ever-growing catalog of quality releases is impressive, and it only continues to grow with “Only U”. The instant appeal is there, but more importantly so is the replayability. And while the group may not ever hit it as big as the deserve on the foundation of their musical qualities, at least they haven’t let their foot off the gas just yet.


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