MYTEEN debut with fun & light “Amazing”, though in the shadow of SEVENTEEN

We’re entering the season of rookie debuts, as a multitude of new boy and girl groups are scheduled to unveil their music over the next few weeks. Leading the pack are Music Works’ first boy group MYTEEN, who have begun to build a fan-base through pre-release videos and performances. New single “Amazing” has already been around for a while, though not in this official, spruced up studio version.

Within the narrow lane of boy group debut concepts, Amazing makes it clear that MYTEEN is aiming to replicate the success of Seventeen‘s bouncy funk-pop. The instrumental kicks off with a rubbery baseline that instantly grabs attention. It loses some prominence as more elements join the fray, which is a shame. Fortunately, the verses move forward with an addictive energy. Their clipped bursts of harmony are overly familiar and run the risk of coming across as a budget version of Seventeen, but this is a sound that has yet to become totally overdone. There’s still some life to wring from the catchy hooks of “Amazing”.

A bigger concern is what this song means for the group as a whole. I’m not sure that a rookie act can sustain a lasting career by positioning themselves as the junior varsity version of a senior group. As fun and light-on-its-feet as “Amazing” is, it would have been nice to hear a more unique touch. Given a less catchy song, this quibble might have derailed the entire debut. The post-chorus chant and explosive vocal layering of “Amazing” prevent that from happening, but I’m more excited for what MYTEEN might bring us next.


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