GOT7’s JB is king of ‘no homo’, unlike me who definitely wants BM’s man batter

JB of GOT7 recently did an interview regarding the JJ Project, which includes him and GOT7 groupmate Jinyoung. Well, he wanted you all to know that he loves him, but totally no homo and stuff.

No need to make it a federal issue, honestly, but paired with other statements like this (mistranslated but the general vibe remains), he is definitely ‘King Of No Homo’.


JB, there’s no need to take that approach, my friend. Be like me and understand that doing stuff like massaging your bro’s prostate is the norm.


Due to people getting pissy about an article that’s clearly just done so I can make a stupid prostate massage joke, here’s an alternate translation that makes JB oppar look better, not that it seriously should’ve mattered anyway.


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