Dreamcatcher’s making-of “Fly High” MV & ‘Prequel’ jacket shoot + fanmeet + world tour

Dreamcatcher have successfully made a comeback with their ‘Prequel‘ mini and “Fly High” single, and have followed that by dropping the making-of for the “Fly High” music video and the ‘Prequel’ jacket shoot.

If that’s not enough, then take this video of their two-hour first fanmeeting.

Worth it for the live performances if nothing else.


Oh yeah, thanks to Korea generally sleeping on them but their international popularity booming (that’s us), Happyface Entertainment are sending them on a world tour to other countries in Asia (I know of one), along with South America and Europe, then finishing back in Korea.

Their first stop will be Japan, where they began their overseas promotions. They will also visit other countries not only in Asia, but also South America and Europe. They will wrap up the tour with a concert in Korea at the end of the year. Happy Face Entertainment relayed, “Thanks to the love and attention that you have given DreamCatcher, they are able to take the big step of going on a world tour. Both DreamCatcher and Happy Face Entertainment will repay the love with the best content, so please keep an eye on us.”

No North America? FUCKING SHIT.

I officially hate all of you shitheads who get to go.


Note: Don’t post about their dance videos in the fucking comments. I know, okay? I fucking know. I’m going to have a post on that later, just let me strategically milk this to get as many people to buy shit and stan them as possible. Christ. You guys are playing checkers, I’m playing 10-dimensional backgammon.



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