Raina basically confirms Orange Caramel are dead, long live Orange Caramel

Raina was a guest on ‘Yoon Hyung Bin & Yang Se Hyung’s Two Man Show‘ recently, and when asked why Orange Caramel hasn’t done anything, Raina basically admitted the group’s dead.

Raina laughed over his enthusiasm and admitted, “I’m asked that a lot. I’d like it if we did too, but I think there are a lot more junior artists at our agency now, including groups and solo artists.” Raina said they had been planning to do something new and even recorded for it, but the agency decided to look for something better for them. “It kept getting delayed over time,” she said. “We’ve also gotten older, and I think the agency wonders if it would be good for us if we continue with this image,” she added. When the hosts insisted that a lot of fans want them to return, Raina said, “Yes, I think it’s a shame too.”

While she doesn’t explicitly say it’s dead, she basically says nicely that the company doesn’t think it’s worth the effort.

With SEVENTEEN and PRISTIN leading to a revitalization of the company, not to mention the rise of NU’EST, it definitely seems like Pledis Entertainment won’t be fucked to do anything for Orange Caramel (much less After School) anytime soon … if ever.


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