Jang Moonbok is a visual god for BNT International, also Sejeong must now marry him

Jang Moonbok continues to rise, this time doing a photoshoot for BNT International, in which he serves looks.

Every other oppar dead in a ditch.

Of course, it only makes sense that when asked about his ideal type, he cited Nugudan‘s Sejeong.

He revealed, “I’m in my 23rd year of being single.” Asked if he has no interest in dating, he responded, “I’m very interested. I wish I could date someone.” He then chose gugudan’s Kim Sejeong as his ideal type and recalled what he thought of her when he got to see her in person. He said, “She’s full of bright and optimistic energy, and I really like seeing that.”

Well, I guess they’re getting married then, right? Cause who would resist Jang Moonbok?


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