SNSD celebrate on “Holiday”, which has a strong hook & sounds like a musical number

SNSD are back for their 10th anniversary comeback with “Holiday“, and much to my surprise it’s not some mess of a sentimental tear-jerking quasi-ballad. Instead, it’s a light and fun party song. It’s a celebratory song, basically, which is definitely the way more groups should go and just feels right.

“Holiday” wastes no time getting into its hook of ‘ha-ha-holiday’, and quite frankly from there it would be difficult to screw up the track, as it’s a nice groovy hook that’s impossible not to foot-tap along to. By the end, the hook does remind me of a musical number, for better or worse. Some people don’t like that kind of feel in their pop music, but generally speaking I rather enjoy that sound.

That said, I do think it loses energy or momentum during the sections that aren’t the build to the hook or the hook itself. Like it comes out with its strongest punch and then fades before coming back every once in a while to remind you of how fun it’s supposed to be. Truly this could’ve been helped if they just avoided the quasi-rap verses altogether and stuck with vocals throughout.

The stylings of the individual shots make sense for the mood of the video, but the group dance shots are styled oddly, like not late-20/early-30 party wear, but something for a teenaged nugu girl group or something.

Or, uh, Ace Ventura.

After the hook was established, all they had to do was not screw it up, and SNSD effectively did that on “Holiday”. However, due to some weaknesses in the rest of the song, I did expect to like it at the end slightly more than I did. As a whole, though, it’s definitely a fun and catchy song that perfectly represents the celebratory atmosphere that a group of their stature should have for their 10th anniversary. More than anything I’m glad we got fun songs to work with instead of perfunctory sentimental mess.



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