WANNA ONE make much-hyped debut with somewhat ironically-titled “Energetic”

WANNA ONE, the 11-man group that came out of ‘Broduce 101‘, has now debuted with “Energetic“. Unfortunately, the title doesn’t match all that well and their debut was a bit lackluster, much like their female counterparts IOI.




Aside from the song, the music video also makes the fanservice aspect obvious by hitting all the closeups and what not, and I totally understand what they’re doing. This group will sell based on the personas developed through ‘Broduce 101’, so it makes the most sense to appeal to the masses that way by giving them shine. So that’s a fine plan and this will be a smash because of it, but the music itself appears to suffer as a result.

Perhaps the tone of this review is unfairly negative, as the song itself is upbeat and delivers on the aspects of fun and fanservice. It’s fine, really. But I guess the feeling I get is that if one of those half-dozen boy groups that seems to debut monthly would’ve dropped this instead of a group formed by ‘Broduce 101’, I doubt you’d even see this being reviewed here.



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