[Update] Onew accused of sexual harassment, SME says charges dropped, Dispatch drops details

SHINee‘s Onew was accused of sexually harassing a woman in a club through unwanted touching, according to police.



In response, SM Entertainment has said that Onew was drunk and that any contact that happened was unintentional. They also went on to say that the charges were dropped as the woman accepted that it might’ve been a misunderstanding.

Okay, so the narrative thus far is basically that Onew touched a woman inappropriately, didn’t remember doing it because he was drunk, and the woman ended up going to the police with sexual molestation charges. However, the charges were dropped because it was agreed that what happened was accidental.

Hopefully that’s what actually happened, because some details about this are still more vague than I would like.


I’d like to hear from the woman involved, because I can definitely see brushing by the chest or butt as a “misunderstanding” in terms of “touching”, but a “misunderstanding” defense wouldn’t be valid if the “touching” was more on the groping side of things or something.



Dispatch recounts the story of what happened according to a witness on scene. Everything described so far has been basically the same, except there’s more details about what “touching” occurred and how it was a “misunderstanding”.

At 6:30AM, Onew made contact with A. He was unable to keep his balance, and he grabbed onto A’s leg at first. Witness B commented, “Onew was almost unconscious. I think he probably touched A’s body when he fell.” A is reported to have gotten angry, saying, “Why are you touching me?” One of Onew’s friends allegedly responded, “I’m very sorry. He didn’t do it on purpose. He’s really drunk.” At 6:50AM, the SHINee member couldn’t even stand on his own anymore. He tried to sit on a table and grabbed A’s leg once again. A staff member of Club D told Dispatch, “A was hanging out on a platform above where Onew’s table was. That’s why he kept bumping into her.” Witness B also stated, “Onew couldn’t even stand. He grabbed A’s leg while sitting down. I think he thought it was a pole.”

This paints him as a drunken mess that made a woman feel violated enough to involve the police, but also as a person who had no intent to sexually molest anybody. Of course, we have no idea who this witness is, so that’s a question of reliability. Still, this might be the best insight we get.

Personally, I’d still like to hear from the woman herself on the details of what went down because him touching her twice is a bit fishy to me and how she felt in the end about what happened is important, but hopefully this account is true and it was just him being wasted and grabbing at anything to not fall over.


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