SNSD’s messy 10th anniversary promos rumored to be SME’s doing, is contract related

News broke recently that SNSD were in the midst of contract negotiations with SM Entertainment after their 10th anniversary comeback with “Holiday” and “All Night“.

Reports emerged on August 16 that Girls’ Generation is currently in talks with SM Entertainment as their exclusive contract recently ended. SM Entertainment confirmed the reports and stated, “It’s true that we are currently in the process of renewing our contracts with the members of Girls’ Generation. The majority of the members have already renewed their contracts and we are in talks with the remaining members.”

Some signed but some haven’t. In negotiations. Seems typical.

However, the process is rumored to have been anything but, and this leak to the media about their contracts is supposedly part of SME’s plan. Oniontaker has written a detailed account of SNSD’s current predicament (worth reading regardless of what you think of him), and it seems realistic and credible, honestly.

Perhaps most importantly, you know all that promotional mess that SNSD has been going through recently? Well, it’s supposedly SME’s doing.

Before all these bizarre issues with their 10th anniversary promotions came up, I would’ve brushed that notion off. However, with all that happening and then knowing that their contracts are at stake? Yeah, now SME has something to lose and I absolutely believe this is the deal.



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