Solji confirmed to feature on a Primary track, not back to EXID yet

After making a surprise appearance on stage with EXID at their Seoul stop of the ‘EXID Asia Tour‘, Banana Culture Entertainment revealed that Solji would indeed be starting promotions back up, featuring on Primary‘s upcoming song.

On August 17, it was reported that Primary sent her a request to feature in his track, and she gladly accepted it. Her agency Banana Culture confirmed, “Solji has recovered enough to be able to sing. It is true that she is featuring in Primary’s new track.” They explained, “We were internally discussing Solji’s return, and her health improved a lot, so she ended up featuring for him when the good opportunity came,” and added, “We are also discussing in various directions regarding her EXID activities. The comeback timing has not been decided yet.”

So she’s back to making public appearances and is well enough to sing, so everything seems to be headed in the right direction even if she isn’t able to rejoin EXID yet.


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