Alex is out as a member of BP Rania, according to DR Music

Well, I guess that answers questions about what DR Music was doing with Alex and BP Rania, as Alex is officially out of the group.

“Dear fans, BP Rania is finally back. First of all, we would like to say thank you for supporting us no matter what. We are deeply appreciated. Recently, there have been issue related to racism, boycotting, petition, etc on our official SNS accounts. We have noticed that many fans have been worried because of these issues. About the title song [‘Beep Beep Beep’], all our staff, the artists have reached to an agreement that Alexandra is no longer a member of BP Rania. We have gone through quite many conversations and meetings, and agreed to promote with five members. The decision is not due to rumors such as racism, etc. Being on stage with what kind of songs, what choreography couldn’t be decided only by the company.”

What are they doing? Who the fuck knows.


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