SEXY ZONE’s Yo Marius to appear on episode of ‘Fuller House’ taking place in Japan

In news that’s as random as it seems, SEXY ZONE‘s Yo Marius will be appearing in an episode of the third season of ‘Fuller House‘, which takes place in Japan. Why? I dunno, basically because he’s a fan?

Marius will appear in one of the later episodes released in December, which takes place in Japan. Filming for the episode was completed on August 10th in Tokyo. Marius commented that he’s a big fan of the show and regularly watches both the original and sequel on Netflix, stating that it was a big honor to be offered a role like that. Marius went on to unintentionally shade the Japanese entertainment industry by saying he’s glad his family living in Germany and other oversea countries will be able to easily view his work, and is excited to hear their response.

Intended shade or not, he’s not wrong.

Also, what are the odds those episodes in Japan are a mess? High, I’d say.


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