Dirty Iljin Manwhores: Underrated Thighs Edition

Welcome back to another segment of Dirty Iljin Manwhores. Today, instead of focusing one man and his profile alone, I thought we could look at five men and their glorious thighs. But picking the obvious is boring, so we’ll be mostly looking at idols who you wouldn’t think would have any thigh meat under hideous clothes.


The first man is Sejun of VICTON.

I don’t know much about VICTON, but Sejun and the one with a massive nose caught my eye from the get go. No need to worry, fellow thighsexuals, he’s 21.

Now, Jihun:

KNK are no strangers to thighsexuals, as almost all members have great thighs. But Jihun stands out the most because he is the best dancer, and he has a massive butt. Seriously, it’s massive.

Next up is Timoteo of HOTSHOT.

Timoteo or Tomato, as I call him, was a recent find. Like NU’EST‘s recent popular serge, it’s been a similar situation with HOTSHOT, due to ‘Broduce 101‘. If there are any Tomato fans who are Asian Junkie readers, please bring forward your science.

Baekho of NU’EST, the eye-fucking demon of hell is our next thigh God.

Like Tomato, there’s not much science around of this demon, so if you have anything please comment with pictures and links. It’s insane how good at eye-fucking he is, Jesus Christ.

My personal favourite on the list, Taeil of NCT.

Probably an unexpected entry for all readers, but the rumours are true, Taeil has the best thighs in NCT. I know that readers are gonna comment saying what about Johnny? John has no butt, my friends. What about Haechan? He is a 17-year-old, you gross fuckers. Taeil’s thighs make him a visual, and is in competition with Yuna for having best soulless eyes with a hint of murderous intent. What a legend.


Like always, please do have fun being thirsty over thighs in the comments. Warning though, no complaining about lack of Jimin, Shownu, and GOT7 — we know they have thighs, we’re trying to expose new talent. If you do, you get downvoted by my bot accounts. If you dare to post shit about Jungkook, I will block you from this website.

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