Youngheun added to STELLAR, surprising Minhee & Hyoeun, who tweet their confusion

The Entertainment Pascal has added Youngheun as a member to STELLAR.

“We are unveiling STELLAR’s newest member. From now on, or members Hyoeun, Minhee, Soyoung, and our new member Youngheun will be promoting as a four-member group. Please root for us and show us your love.”

That had to have been a surprise since the two remaining members in Minhee and Hyoeun certainly were.

Minhee was more direct, writing shorthand for “Nugu?“…

…and then replying to the company directly, saying, “Two of our contracts haven’t even finished yet. (Sigh) So what do you mean by ‘going forward’?

Also, you may notice that their social media are no longer associated with STELLAR.

So, uh, things seem to be going great.


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