Dreamcatcher bless us with “Sleep Walking” special clip + Hongdae Live Busking Day

Due to my threats that surely reached Happy Face Entertainment, Dreamcatcher decided to finally bless us with a special clip for “Sleep Walking“.

Fuck me up.

The visuals are crazy and the choreography is amazing, especially when the second chorus drops.



Additionally, they performed at ‘Hongdae Live Busking Day‘, for which there are thankfully a ton of amazing fancams.

“Sleep Walking” – Group Fancam

“Sleep Walking” – SuA Fancams

“Fly High” – Group Fancam

“Fly High” – Yoohyeon Fancams

“Good Night” – Group Fancam

“Good Night” – Siyeon Fancams

“Chase Me” – Group Fancam

“Chase Me” – Gahyeon Fancams

God is real.


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