Yebin and Somyi of DIA also confirmed for ‘The Unit’

Many known idols have already been confirmed for ‘The Unit‘, and DIA are adding two more to the fold with members Yebin and Somyi.

On September 4, Yebin and Somyi took to the group’s official Instagram to announce the news themselves. They wrote, “We thought it would be right to first share the news ourselves to our AID fans that are always with us and support us. We put it a lot of thought and concern to come to this decision.” They continued, “We thought a lot about how to express our thoughts with our members, agency staff, and our CEO, and we decided to talk to our members first. The members gave us lots of support and respected our decision. Afterwards, we told agency staff and made the decision after discussing with them.” Yebin and Somyi then expressed their worry at fans being too surprised by the news and explained that they wanted to grow more and get evaluated through the program. “We are so thankful to our members for believing in and loving us, and more than anything, as DIA is so precious to us, we will work even harder. We will not mind the outcome and return as Yebin and Somyi who have grown further. The support of AID fans will give us great strength! We always thank you and love you,” they concluded.

In addition to those already confirmed to appear on ‘The Unit’, there are also many other rumored to be included or who are currently in talks to appear. I’ll keep updating on those who do get confirmed, especially since I’m probably gonna end up following this show.


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