Kiseop of U-KISS hospitalized with burns & shrapnel injuries after explosion on MV shoot

Kiseop of U-KISS has been hospitalized recently after suffering second-degree burns and shrapnel wounds after an explosion of a smoke machine at a music video shoot.

U-KISS’s agency NH Media said on September 6, “While Kiseop was filming a music video, he was using a smoke emitter as a prop and there was an explosion. He received second-degree burns and many fragments were stuck in his body, and so he was taken to a hospital in Incheon.” They explained that the smoke emitter that exploded is a type that is often used in Korea by citizens at soccer games or festivals as ways to show support. NH Media stated that Kiseop received treatment at the hospital and is currently resting.

I guess because U-KISS aren’t super popular nobody seems to be making a big deal out of this, but it kinda seems serious? I mean basically he got hit by something like a bomb explosion and his company is just brushing it off like it’s an ankle sprain or something.

Hopefully there aren’t any long-term consequences to this, cause it sure doesn’t look good, especially the facial injuries for an idol.


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