Nick & Sammy drop upbeat & fun “Belong To Me”, which has an actual chorus

Nick & Sammy recently dropped “Belong To Me” and it’s something I could definitely see having staying power.

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the upbeat sound of this release, and it definitely had an instrumental that was easy to groove along with. The beat to it in particular was consistent but impactful and helped lay the foundation for success.

Nick & Sammy themselves do the rest of the work, with verses that keep the song moving along at a brisk pace and never bog down. The chorus sealed the deal for me, specifically the section where the lyrics speed up a bit for “nothing without you, never without you” and “I know you belong, girl, I know you belong to me”, which creates a memorable apex of sorts. The breakdown at the end of the chorus with interspersed high-pitched “oohs” was a nice touch that served as a change of pace so it didn’t feel like it was all one speed. Additionally, “Belong To Me” rather hilariously stands out for actually having a fully fleshed-out chorus, which shows how far in the opposite direction pop music has gone of late.

Most importantly, “Belong To Me” just has a replayability factor that I can definitely see standing the test of time, as the sound has such a classic appeal. Quite frankly, I’m still not quite sure where they came from, but this release definitely put them on my radar.


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Thot Leader™