Alleged victim of Yoochun had false charges acquittal upheld, describes her pain to press

One of the alleged victims of sexual assault by Yoochun was acquitted of false charges about three months ago, but the prosecution appealed the decision, infamously arguing that the bathroom was too small for rape (but fine for consensual sex). Recently, a judge panel ruled on the appeal, deciding to uphold the alleged victim’s acquittal.

During the final trial, held September 21, the judge panel ruled to uphold the initial ruling of not guilty, saying that Ms. Song’s sexual assault lawsuit was not completely groundless, considering Ms. Song’s claims as well as witness testimonies, and that there is not enough evidence to prove that her accusations were false: “False accusation is acknowledged when the accusation directly goes against an objective fact, but it’s difficult to say that the intercourse was consensual based on Park Yoochun’s claims alone.”

Yoochun’s rep disagreed with the decision, saying they’re going to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Following the ruling, Park Yoochun’s legal representative revealed in an official statement released to media that they intend to see Ms. Song in court again: “The not guilty ruling of [Ms. Song] is completely unjust. We look forward to seeing a proper ruling in the Supreme Court. We will also be taking strict legal action against unfounded rumors and false statements about Park Yoochun that spread online and through other mediums.”

Meanwhile, the alleged victim described to the media her experience with Yoochun.

“After having unwanted sexual intercourse, my whole body ached and I just wanted to go home so bad. At the thought of no one believing me, I even thought it would be better for me to burn coal briquette, commit suicide, and let the investigation go on after they find my cell phone.” “I told the police but I wasn’t sure if they would believe me because he’s a famous figure. And I was also afraid of getting retaliated so I withdrew the claims. I believed the shock will go away after time but it didn’t. I have kept and still have the sanitary pads I used at the time. I can’t breathe every time I see him…”

The alleged victim also described why she decided to come forward.

“I saw a report saying someone else was sexually assaulted like me. So I sent a message to 112 (police) right away. But it was actually hard after I filed the reports. I’ve taken legal action with help but he sued me back for false charges. [The sexual assault] clearly remained in my head so I didn’t think it’ll lead to a trial.”

She also claims that it was suggested to her that she change “sexual assault” to “prostitution”.

“During the investigation, I was suggested to change sexual assault to prostitution. I couldn’t accept it because it wasn’t the truth. I also didn’t think I’ll get criticized for his legal action on false charges. It was a legal entertainment facility that was far from prostitution. But there were many malicious comments. The prosecutor sent in an arrest warrant. I was scared that I cried…”

If true, that is absolutely horrifying. Not only the alleged sexual assault and everything that immediately followed, but also allegedly being told she should drop her sexual assault claim and admit to prostitution. That would be extremely fucked up and would provide insight into how things work.

The worst part about this is that it’s not over, as this will apparently go to appeal at the Supreme Court now. Yeesh.


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