Horse racing journo gets pic with Solbin, trolls K-pop stans, figures out K-pop fandom

Michael Cox is an Australian journalist covering horse racing in Hong Kong for the South China Morning Post, which makes him an unlikely candidate to have a run-in with K-pop. However, that’s exactly what happened when he took a picture with LABOUM‘s Solbin back on September 9, and it was apparently only found by many K-pop stans recently.


Seemed to pretty clearly be a joke about himself more than anything … well except to K-pop stans, who got mad at a trolling Australian and it went about as expected (he even knows LABOUM’s fandom name, more K-pop knowledge than some who cover it).

Good lord.

Still, despite the abuse, he maintained a good sense of humor about it all…

…and it didn’t stop him from shooting fancam footage for us all.

pharkil dead in a ditch.

Of course, it was when he got SNSD involved as well that things blew up further.

Second Australian horse racing journalist off the top rope!

Who loves horse racing? Taeyeon loves horse racing, apparently.

By the end of the ordeal, he was already spitting truth about K-pop fandoms.

So I made him an offer on Twitter…

…and it turns out he had basically discovered the origin story of Asian Junkie.

I stan.


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