Queen of mess Han Seo Hee loves attention, talks prison, hates on men, more

So about that Instagram Live broadcast where Han Seo Hee spilled that she’ll debut in an idol group early next year … uh, that sorta buried the actual mess/drama from that stream. She revealed a ton more about everything, including her thoughts on TOP‘s penis, her life in prison, being an attention whore, and all types of shit.

1) His penis is smaller than a MAC (lipstick)
2) She dated him. He has a weird personality.
3) She was in prison for months. She got into a fight with an ajumma there in her 50’s.
4) She doesn’t like idols.
5) She’s been a feminist for a year and goes on feminist sites (tn: the sites she named have bad reputation)
6) She searches up her name a lot.
7) She was asked which cigarette she smoked and she showed the viewers.
8) When she was in high school, she posted, “You guys can’t do this with your oppa, can you~?” She said she did it because she was upset with idol fans. She admitted that she was an attention seeker back then and wanted to show off that she was close to idols.
9) She didn’t have to be jailed since it was her first offense but she was jailed because of him.
10) He hit on her first by contacting through her friends.
11) She’ll sue sexual insults and rumors spreading on male-dominated sites.

While her brashness can be awesome at times, this revealed that she likely hails from the Megalia radfem community line of thinking, which is the type of feminist that just hates men (among other things) and gives the movement a negative reputation as a whole, which is really not gonna help things in Korea.

She also calls men ‘hannam’ (misandrist term towards Korean men)

Yeah, Han Seo Hee is definitely not gonna be helping feminists in Korea much at all…

…then again, this is the kind of glorious shitshow we’ve all been waiting for, and she comes equipped with amazingly forward quotes.

Her facebook comment: “Pff, why should I be nice to you people~~ You fucking beggars~~ All you can do is get horny and fap, lol~~”

I’m also obviously not sure what she is bullshitting about and what she is telling the truth about.

One way or another, this is gonna be an entertaining ride.


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