Masstige’s screaming & distorted vocal on “DAMA” is assertively terrible

Much to my eventual dismay, I stumbled across Masstige‘s “DAMA” music video since I subscribe to CJ E&M‘s YouTube. While I didn’t expect much of anything, it surprisingly managed to stand out … though likely not for the reasons it wanted ot.

“DAMA” was typically meh for a nugu track and I was about to pass on addressing it at all … until the hook came in. The auto-tune and distortion used in the verses is bad and whiny enough, but sometimes those things can be overlooked and just get passed by me because it’s not worth discussing. However, “DAMA” was remarkable in how long it persists and it just keeps getting more and more grating the further it goes. Dude is basically screaming over a standard piano instrumental for no damn reason in the most annoying way possible, like he was trying to optimize the track for that.

It’s generally a bad sign when you lie down at night and browse YouTube to make sure you haven’t missed anything, and you stumble across a track that makes you physically cringe listening to it. So needless to say, “DAMA” was that track for me, and since I can never unhear it, I’m going to make sure you can’t either.


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