CocoSori turn to Kickstarter for their comeback MV, are giving away their latex outfits

CocoSori are making a comeback, but that comeback is going to require funds. So the duo are turning to Kickstarter for around $18,000, basically so that they can have a music video.

Unfortunately, after our two songs last year, we became wrapped up in other projects and weren’t able to continue pursuing music. Now that we’ve gotten our lives back in order, we want to do our best to give our fans what they have been asking for, another song and another music video. We just want to create something that you all will love, so we are asking for your support. All proceeds will go towards music video costs, including: director, props, lighting, editing, hair/makeup stylists, and other directly-related expenses.

Based on their previous music videos, it should be well worth it.

The main rewards are selling their outfits, including the latex ones, which should attract an … interesting buyer, who would probably prefer they are unwashed, put it that way.


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