‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 10: A case where nothing is quite what it seems

Crime Scene 3‘ is back for the final two episodes of the season, and it hasn’t taken me over a month to watch an episode. Victory! I’m a worthless slut. Fuck my life.

As always, you can watch it subbed here.


Anyway, Pyo Chang Won is here, which generally means the drama is ratcheted up by the writers and boy I wasn’t wrong. What a mess this was, as literally everybody was lying about their identity.

Hong Jin Ho‘s reveal was amusing because it directly correlates to K-pop.

Meanwhile, Eunji was sexy as hell and was a literal killer.



So this was basically ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘ and Jang Sung Kyu was the victim of the crime, being shot three times. While the case itself was full of twists and turns, there were only two real suspects, as three could be ruled out relatively easily.

Hong Jin Ho – Actual identity was an idol, and though he had a sponsor that was involved, there was never much to connect him.

Kim Ji Hoon – Actual identity was as a runaway from the army, and he was being blackmailed by the victim and pressed the fire alarm that allowed the murder to take place. Again though, beyond that, there was never much to connect him to the murder.

Eunji – Actual identity was as a literal killer. She saw the message intended for the victim saying to kill her, so there was plenty of motive, but there wasn’t much beyond that. Also, this would’ve been a bit on the nose, no?

Jang Jin – Actual identity was as a yakuza member, and his gun was the murder weapon, though he claimed to have lost it. The victim killed his brother, which gave him plenty of motive, and he had opportunity as well because he knew about the fire alarm timing. However, the fact that the watch stopped at 1:13 PM actually exonerates him because the killings took place in the few minutes after the fire alarm went off at 1:00 PM, so it’s likely the watch did stop after the victim was already dead when he was moving him.

Park Jiyoon – Actual identity is as a police investigator, and the victim kidnapped her daughter, which gave her plenty of motive. She also had access to the gun as a maid with the master key, and she knew when the firm alarm was going off because she had it written down. She is my pick as the killer.



This is not my fault!!!

In the end, Jang Jin’s brother was injured but alive and Park Jiyoon’s daughter was found. Honestly a quite happy ending considering the victim was a piece of shit.


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