Topp Dogg loses Hansol (military), P-Goon (military), Nakta (solo), according to company

Hansol, P-Goon, and Nakta are now all former members of Topp Dogg, according to Hunus Entertainment.

Following promotions for their full album “First Street,” Hansol stated his desire to leave the group, and he has moved out of their dorms. He’s planning to enlist in the military, and his future course will be discussed once he’s discharged. Leader P-Goon is also planning to enlist in the military, and there are currently discussions about him becoming an actor after his discharge. The agency stated that they respect Nakta’s desire to take on solo activities in electronica, and so they agreed to cancel his exclusive contract. They asked fans to send their encouragement and support as it was a decision made based on his careful choice.

Topp Dogg, of course, were preparing to go on ‘The Unit‘.

I wasn’t that familiar with the members of the group before, but with the exits of Hansol and Nakta I truly have no idea.


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