MIXNINE’s teaser reveals Dreamcatcher, KNK, LOONA, Playback, 24K, more as participants

MIXNINE, the YG Entertainment & JTBC survival show, recently released their teaser for the show. And unlike ‘The Unit‘, which is being as vague as possible, MIXNINE has given us a glimpse of most of the 400 idols from the 75 different companies that we’ll be seeing.

There are so many idols that people have recognized, but the notable ones for me are members from Dreamcatcher, KNK, LOONA, 24K, Berry Good, VROMANCE, Playback, Stellar, Rui (HUB), Ashley (Ladies’ Code), Heo Chanmi (former Coed School & F-ve Dolls), Sori (CocoSori), Han Hyeri (IBI), and Yujeong (former Bob Girls).

Should be another quality mess to watch, because between this and ‘The Unit’, it’s basically the rest of K-pop that aren’t already successful or with a major company.

Of course, it is just for the entertainment in the end, since the format will be taking the best nine men and women, then having them face each other to debut … so YGE is definitely taking the boys.


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