Han Seo Hee lasts less than a week, writes explanation about why she hates EXO-L

Han Seo Hee has basically been a non-stop source of mess/entertainment since she came into our collective consciousness, and that continues with her ongoing war with EXO stans. During one of her Instagram Live broadcasts, she pissed off EXO stans by apparently insulting them, which drew a predictable fandom reaction from them.

Han Seo Hee thankfully doesn’t give a shit, and explained to us why she hates EXO stans.

“Why do I hate EXO-L? Why do I keep mentioning EXO-L, who aren’t doing anything to me? Who were the ones who tried to bury a woman while instigating and politicizing in a community? Who were the thousands, no the tens of thousands who created rumors and cursed, criticized, and mocked me? Now you’re acting like the victims? The victims are me and the people who support me.”

#TeamSchadenfreude is back, baby!

For a future idol, it’s probably not the best idea to now have Big Bang and EXO stans foaming at the mouth against you, but hell if I’m complaining that she’s making a mess for herself and her future group. This is seriously only going to get better after she debuts and shit.

Oh yeah, remember that disappointing apology in which she said she will not cause controversy anymore? Yeah, that lasted less than a week, and if she’s going to be this honest and get this precious about every criticism, then this type of mess is going to be nonstop for the duration of her glorious career.



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