Jungah’s wedding pictorial includes ex-group members Nana, Lizzy, Raina, Jooyeon, Kaeun

Former After School member Jungah is getting married next year, and she recently posted on Instagram her wedding pictorial, which included her former group members Nana, Lizzy, Raina, Jooyeon, and Kaeun. She also posted a message, including saying the other members couldn’t come because they were “busy”, lol.

“#Loyalty #AfterSchool… Even though you’re all busy, thank you dear #Jooyeon, #Raina, #Nana #Lizzy #Kaeun for coming for the wedding photoshoot like it’s just as important as your own business. The members who couldn’t come because you were busy, I received your hearts too ^^ I’ll be a good unnie forever. But we’re all kinda pretty. This group is a little difficult. Must be nice to be #Jung Chang Young, he has so many pretty sisters-in-laws.”

Kahi the slave driver just couldn’t find the time, while Nana and UEE coincidentally haven’t been seen together again, I guess.

Anyway, pretty pictures of pretty women.


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