UP10TION rebound in electrifying fashion with “Going Crazy”

UP10TION have much to make up for after the disappointingly generic tropical track they returned with last June. For awhile, it felt as they were making a quick ascent to the upper levels of K-pop boy groups, but even though their sales remain impressive, 2017 has seen their buzz begin to stall. “Going Crazy” is their second comeback without member Wooshin, who was the subject of an unfair netizen witch hunt back in December. And despite the large number of members remaining, the group hasn’t felt quite the same since.

Fortunately, “Going Crazy” gets the guys back on track in electrifying fashion. They’ve ditched the tropical beats for an icy electronic throb that results in their most propulsive instrumental yet. When the song is firing on all cylinders, it generates an addictive energy that builds to moments of thrilling release. The dramatic arrangement and seesaw synths that underline the chorus even echo my favorite K-pop song of all time. And although it’s no “Chaser” (not even close, really), it’s thrilling to hear the group tackle such a big sound.

The track isn’t quite as impressive during its quieter moments. With so many members to account for, it’s necessary to provide enough for each to do, but the rap-heavy bridge removes the tension necessary for fueling the track’s otherwise streamlined attack. The same could be said about the beginning of verse two, which feels as if it’s simply keeping time until we get back to the good stuff. Luckily, those highlights are worth waiting for, working in tandem to create UP10TION’s most exciting release in over a year.

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