K-pop sasaengs able to get flight and seat information for around $30

Sasaengs of K-pop groups have now managed to easily acquire flight information and seat information on idols if they have just ~$30 and a Twitter account, according to an investigation by JTBC.

To test how difficult this would be, a JTBC reporter attempted to find out flight details of a famous idol group who had a performance abroad. The reporter began by direct messaging a Twitter account which she heard could provide the information. She received the reply, “Flight information is 30,000 won (approximately $26.53). Seat information is 20,000 won (approximately $17.69) per member.” As soon as she sent the money, she received the information. The whole process took less than one hour.

The problem appears to be that it’s not sasaengs who are leaking the information, but just opportunists within the airline companies themselves.

Sources from airlines have speculated that since details including seat information have been released, the people behind these leaks are airlines insiders. A source from Incheon International Airport said, “Since seat information is a target on personal privacy, the airline corporation can’t know anything about it.”

Obviously the issue with this is less annoying fans who want to take pictures of idols and more of a security risk, and it leads to concern about whether investigations need to be conducted on those grounds.

Regardless, sasaengs continue to be amazingly creepy.


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