Siwon & his father apologize for their dog biting neighbor, leading to her death

Korean media recently broke news of an anonymous 53-year-old woman who died due to sepsis six days after being bitten by a French bulldog in her apartment complex on September 30. Normally, this wouldn’t be a major story, but the victim was the CEO of the upscale Korean restaurant Hanilkwan, and Super Junior member Siwon and his father revealed that it was their dog that was involved and both released an apology.

The younger sister of Siwon shared a letter of apology from their father on her Instagram account.

Siwon’s father first offered his deep condolences toward the family of the deceased Mrs. Kim, and said, “It is true that the deceased neighbor suffered a bite from our family dog, while our door was slightly ajar for a brief moment, and that she died as a result of sepsis. However, we heard after inquiring that additional causes such as secondary infection or a problem caused during the treatment process cannot be ruled out at this point, and so it is difficult to pinpoint the direct cause of death.” According to Siwon’s father, their family personally visited Mrs. Kim’s family and bowed their heads in apology. Further, he stated, “We are worried that the spread of untruthful or speculative content may further hurt Mrs. Kim’s family, who are mourning silently. We ask that this matter does not escalate any further. Also, we will secure our dog firmly so that such an event does not happen again.”

Additionally, Siwon took to Twitter (1/2) to issue an apology.

Siwon wrote, “This is Choi Siwon. Once again, I bow my head in apology toward the family of the deceased, who must be suffering from the great shock and sorrow of losing a loved one. I feel deeply apologetic after hearing about the situation regarding our family’s dog. I offer my most sincere condolences toward the family of the deceased,” and, “I feel strongly responsible as a member of a family who raises a dog. I am currently deeply reflecting for failing to supervise strictly, which led to carelessness and a shocking event. I will do my duty to make sure such an event does not happen again. I apologize for worrying you. I pray a happy afterlife for the deceased.”

This kind of came out of nowhere, so I can’t tell if this is over now or if this was damage control and it’s only just beginning.

Hard to jump to conclusions when we know basically nothing about what happened. We shall see.


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