Kangnam asks Sam Okyere if there are TVs, buildings, or clubs in Ghana, is an asshole

Kangnam and Tony Ahn visited the house of Sam Okyere for the show ‘My Ugly Duckling‘, and while there Kangnam got in hot water for asking insulting questions about Sam’s native Ghana.

While talking about Sam’s motherland of Ghana, Sam revealed, “My schedule is fully booked when I go to Ghana. I have a lot of interviews.” To this, Gangnam seemed surprised and asked, “They have TVs in Ghana?” Sam seemed a bit upset at Kangnam’s question while Tony An yelled, “Of course there are TVs! You’re making a mistake.” However, Kangnam continued, “They have broadcast stations like SBS, MBC..? ‘(Shows like) ‘Laws of the Jungle’?” Sam answered, “Of course, they even play Korean dramas nowadays.” Kangnam asked another question, and said, “Are there subways?” Sam replied, “No, but there are buses and airplanes, and also lions”, and added, “But I’m also a city man. I need to go to the zoo if I want to see lions. The city in Ghana is similar to Seoul.” Kangnam then asked, “Oh, so there are buildings? Are there also clubs?” Tony An chimed in and said, “Of course, they must have them.”

My god, man. Like after the first question, that was a fucked up question and I felt bad for Sam, but maybe it’s part of his character for the show and he’s just being a dumbass. But with every following question I just cringed more and more, and the insinuation here is more racist to me than dropping the n-word in a song cover or whatever. Dude really thinks everywhere in Africa is like … uncivilized or something.

Perhaps the worst part is that early this year, Sam went on JTBC‘s ‘Talking Street and talked about being annoyed by being asked this exact type of thing.


Also, while I was too lazy to cover it at the time, Kangnam being a dick has been nothing new recently, as he was an asshole to Kyungri too.

Kangnam’s jokes have faced backlash from netizens as he joked, “I could beat her up to death if you told me to,” in response to a question that suggested a love line between the two. In response, Kyungri said with a shocked expression, “Do you really think that little of me?” and Kangnam passed over the incident with a laugh. Later in the episode, when Kyungri said that she had not saved Kangnam’s number in her phone yet, Kangnam said, “I’m going to hit you someday back in Korea,” to which she said, “Were you a guy that hits girls?” Kangnam brazenly said in return, “Nowadays you shouldn’t discriminate between men and women.”

So yeah.


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