STELLAR’s company must pay ~$40k in damages after Minhee & Gayoung violate cosmetics contract

It has recently been reported that The Entertainment Pascal has been ordered to pay ~$40,000 in damages due to STELLAR members Minhee and Gayoung violating the terms of a cosmetics advertising contract (1/2/3/4).

The contract said that they would be required to pay double the value of the contract with the company, which was about ~$20,000, if they advertised another company’s products. Well, the two members uploaded pictures with competitor’s products, and now they’re screwed. TEP is currently appealing the ruling, but things aren’t exactly looking up.

I don’t care about TEP’s situation, but since Minhee and Gayoung were the ones to violate, I am worried about the company trying to get the money back from them. Given that probably neither the company or the girls have that kind of money, this is quite a mess.


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