EXID are back on track with the diverse & funky “DDD”, get an assist from Missy Elliott

EXID are back with “DDD” after changing things up a bit during their previous comeback with Night Rather Than Day to mixed results both in terms of music and response. Well, “DDD” definitely tips its cap at the sound that made them famous while also mixing things up enough where thankfully nobody can accuse them of self-plagiarization anymore.

The thumping bass and sampling from Missy Elliott‘s “WTF is a combination that’s hard to not enjoy, and it kicks in right from the outset. That combination ultimately lays a foundation that was easy for EXID to build upon. The verses on “DDD” have a nice interplay between the softer, deeper vocals of Hani and Junghwa with the aggressive, unique rapping of LE. Both segments play better in short bursts, and whoever arranged this seemed to understand it, rotating the vocal and rap sections to create a more dynamic song that doesn’t get bogged down.

When the lighter, vocal pre-chorus hit, it wasn’t much of a surprise at that point, as I figured it was building to a drop for a hook that involved the repetition of “DDD”. However, it actually segues right into a melodic vocal that eschews a lot of the modern trends and relies more on a driving effect in the chorus that’s been successful for them before. It’s a move that definitely pays off for EXID as it gives “DDD” a more diverse sound and ultimately makes it a better, catchier pop song as well. Meanwhile, the “DDD” section was less part of the chorus than it was basically an intro to get back into the verses, where it was probably utilized for the best.

In the long run, I still think EXID need Solji back in full capacity at some point, but for now “DDD” is as good a bet as any to get them back moving in the right direction in terms of public appeal and musical quality.



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