‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 11: Best case of the season with guests Sojin & Hong Jin Ho

Crime Scene 3‘ is back for the penultimate episode of the season, and honestly this was probably the best one in terms of the actual case.

As always, you can watch it subbed here.


For everybody with a foot fetish, here’s Eunji.

Just trolling.

Jang Jin made good use of props.

Rather than being entertaining, this case was more of a barnburner from the perspective of the case, as it was back and forth throughout.

Hong Jin Ho: Accidentally killed Eunji’s grandmother and the victim probably blackmailed him with that knowledge. However, there wasn’t much of anything in terms of evidence that he was involved at all.

Jang Jin: A gang member that killed both Park Jiyoon‘s husband and Sojin‘s husband because he wanted the mountain’s gold for himself. He also sent the victim texts and called her incessantly, things that could’ve been seen as him luring her to the scene of the crime. However, he never got any response to those texts and calls, and he would’ve been such an obvious choice with two bodies on him already. Ruled him out after that was revealed, honestly.

Eunji: The victim stole her lottery winnings and it’s proven she had enough strength to kill due to her winning the arm wrestling competition. However, I honestly have no idea why she was such a suspect. The scene of the crime was on the boat, and her fear of water has been known forever, so there was no way she could’ve done it.

Sojin: The cast picked her as the murderer because the victim conned her out of money and played a key role in her son’s suicide attempt that ruined his medical aspirations. She also had no real alibi and there wasn’t any reason she couldn’t have been the killer.

Park Jiyoon: She was the murderer and she was suspicious from the start. I honestly don’t understand at all how she didn’t get more heat. Granted, the connection with the pearl was the smoking gun and wasn’t figured out (Sojin, what the fuck?). However, aside from that, she was sitting on a literal gold mine and had that stolen from her by the victim. I have no idea why the cast was so eager to believe that because she was illiterate she didn’t know it was taken from her, especially after the stamp was revealed to be stolen as well and that she was looking shit up in the dictionary.

I fucking knew it, but it was still tense as hell. The fact that nobody seemed to agree with me and that Sojin couldn’t put it on Park Jiyoon had me thinking that I was wrong.


I thought there would be no more cases, actually. However, apparently there’s going to be another one during the finale that’s supposed to be just show awards.


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