Jiyoung (ex-KARA) scores lead role in Tokai TV remake of ‘Orphan Black’, continues to thrive

Four days ago, I saw Jiyoung (former KARA) post a picture on Instagram of her in a bunch of different outfits and thought, “Oh ‘Orphan Black’ is a cool photoshoot concept.” Because I’m a dumbass, I didn’t bother to read the caption, or I would’ve known that Jiyoung scored yet another significant role and will play the lead in a Tokai TV remake of ‘Orphan Black‘.

Japanese remake of BBC drama “Orphan Black” starring Yours Truly! I’m taking on 7 characters! Check it out every Saturdays starting 12/2 at 11:40pm on Fuji TV.

Skepticism about this remake is justified given the excellent show having recently ended and the performance by Tatiana Maslany giving Jiyoung gigantic shoes to fill. However, I’m just glad she continues to thrive even if Korean netizens hate on her cause she didn’t want to do aegyo that one time.


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