POS YG barely shows Dreamcatcher on ‘MIXNINE’ even though one is Top 9

After literally like a month of building up Dreamcatcher appearing on ‘MIXNINE‘, YG was slated to visit HappyFace Entertainment in this week’s episode, so surely it would be time for Dreamcatcher to get shine, right? Well … no.

Yeah, that’s basically how it went as they got about five seconds of screen time despite being used a ton in promo to hype the show, having Yoohyeon in the Top 9 during the showcase, and JiU making the debut bus after the audition. It just doesn’t make any fucking sense to me at all.

Well, at least Dreamcatcher proved their relevancy to the show after JiU won the vote to have her audition revealed, so maybe it’ll change going forward.


Of course, four members from the group passed: JiU, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Siyeon. You probably already know them a bit and know what they look like, but since there’s not much other content thanks to YG (and they look good), it can’t hurt to go over it again.

Yeah, so Yoohyeon exposed her ‘You Only Die Once’ motto to the public.


Well at least they got some attention out of it.



Perhaps most importantly, will you lazy fucks vote? Thanks.


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