‘Idols’ Paxton Fielies claims Rania’s “Demonstrate” as her own, DR Music disagrees

Paxton Fielies, a contestant on the South African survival show ‘Idols‘, recently performed an English rendition of Rania‘s “Demonstrate“. That would’ve been very cool … except for the fact that when called out by Rania fans on not giving credit to the original performers, she claimed it as her own and promoted the fact that she’s selling it.



Following further outcry, Gallo Record Company seemed to clarify that it was approved by the composer and publisher.


That calmed things down a bit … at least until DR Music responded and said the composers did not approve it and they are looking into responses, including legal action.

After that, Gallo issued a formal statement on their site.


Most of it sounds believable and DR Music is a mess, so who knows?

That said, Gallo claim in the statement that Paxton is not on Twitter, and yet they addressed her account directly in the past on their account.

Makes you wonder if everything else in the statement is on the up-and-up or not.

That Twitter account belonging to Paxton is significant because while Rania fans know damn well the members didn’t compose the song and nobody has a problem with it being covered, Paxton claiming complete ownership of it and not giving any credit to the artist who already promoted it years ago was the issue.

We’ll see if DR Music has anything further to say on the matter.


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