‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 12: Eunji can’t come to the phone. Why? Cause she’s dead. No, really.

The ‘Crime Scene 3‘ finale is finally here and I’m only about … holy shit, five months late. Hahahahaha. Man, the delay really snowballs, huh? It’s like once it’s not gonna be a new anymore, one can just justify putting it off until later and later whenever you want to watch it, much like most of my Netflix queue.

Anyway, you can watch the episode here.


After they got all decked out for their awards show, they … uh, got sent a bomb.

Shout out to Eunji for informing everybody that bombs are less than ideal, in her opinion.

Anyway, turns out they needed to solve one last case of the ‘Crime Scene 3’ writer being murdered, and the whole episode was meta as fuck. I’m not sure how much of it was an inside joke or not, but parts of it were sorta brutal.

Not Kim Ji Hoon‘s callback to being the king of sperm, though. That was awesome.

Did I mention Eunji is actually dead and has been replaced with a fake that can’t sing? That’s canon now.


As far as the case goes, I was honestly kind of confused by this, which perhaps best reflects the time limit the show put on everybody.

Kim Ji Hoon and Hong Jin Ho had reasons to hate the victim but there wasn’t much evidence to suggest they did it. Yang Se Hyung was the too obvious choice this time around, having tried to kill the victim because the victim tried to kill him, so that ruled him out. Jang Jin brought drinks, which was one of the potential vehicles used to deliver the poison, but his motivation seemed weak as hell.

That left Eunji, who was actually her stylist with a ton of plastic surgery. She was being blackmailed by the victim, had poison, and brought food, so she definitely had the means. Additionally, she admits to knocking over Yang Se Hyung’s attempt to kill her. However, the fact that it was just left there in a mess and the victim didn’t try to clean it made me figure she was already dead when Eunji left.

Park Jiyoon then, was my choice. She was refused the job of her dreams, berated over the promotion of the victim’s book, and was generally bullied by the victim. She was the last person to see the victim conscious and she also brought food, so everything seemed to line up.

It was Jang Jin in the end, what a crock. I honestly thought the coffee shit with the ice cubes was so far fetched. Like if you poison ice cubes, it doesn’t take that fucking long for the shit to melt, it’s not a goddamn time delay on that level. Plus, even if it was, what if she drank most of it or stopped drinking before it melted enough? Goddammit.

Anyway, now all I’m left with is fucking ‘The Unit‘ and ‘MIXNINE‘, I guess. The darkest timeline.


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