EXO stans outraged at 2017 MAMA results crash Blue House petition site

EXO actually won a Daesang at the 2017 MAMA just recently, but before that even happened, livid EXO stans created a petition on the Blue House‘s site for MAMA to be abolished.


I would love to show you that petition, but I can’t right now because that government site is down due to being overloaded by said EXO stans.

I can’t even imagine what’s going on at the Mnet call center right now.


Anyway, please join me in protesting the true injustice here, which is Dreamcatcher being robbed of every single award at MAMA.


It was already a disappointment that Dreamcatcher didn’t get 30 Grammy nods like SEVENTEEN, but this? This is a bridge too far, my friends.


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