Subin, Serri, Ah Young all leave Happyface, so Dal Shabet are effectively done

Subin, Serri, and Ah Young have left Happyface Entertainment following their contracts expiring, but Dal Shabet won’t technically be disbanded somehow.

On December 14, Happyface Entertainment revealed through an official statement, “Serri, Ah Young, and Subin’s exclusive contracts with Happyface Entertainment are ending in 2017. The three members plan on leaving Happyface Entertainment to take on new challenges and showcase charms that they were unable to as Dal Shabet members.” The agency clarified, “Serri, Ah Young, and Subin’s new starts do not mean that Dal Shabet will be disbanding. Currently, all possibilities are open on the continuation of Dal Shabet as a team, and we are in discussion with the members. We will notify fans once a specific direction is decided.”

Considering the only one left under the company is Woohee, I’m not sure how the hell that’s going to work, so Dal Shabet are effectively dead at this point.

That’s a shame since their music in itself was quality enough to deserve more than above-average success (upon reflection their digital performance was … surprisingly soild), but without the right breaks in the entertainment industry, I guess that’s the way it goes.


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